Cake Trend 2019: Lace Wedding Cakes

Choosing a wedding cake in a vintage style is very difficult: because so many options, and each wedding cakes have own uniqueness. Lace wedding cakes acquire more and more popularity nowadays. This could be explained by the romantic and soft appeal and charm they add to the wedding reception.

Moreover, the lace wedding cakes are able to suit the wedding receptions in distinct styles: if you want to stick to the traditional reception, simply opt for the white lace with the vintage feel. Lace wedding cake - is the best choice for elegant wedding. Combining lace style with other elements of a wedding banquet, book a table decoration with lace matching color and format. The brides have an opportunity to ask the pastry combine lace decorations on the cake with a wedding dress.

Vintage lace cakes

If you plan to wear the vintage-inspired wedding gown on your wedding, why not to have the vintage lace cake since the vintage is the hottest trend nowadays. Elegant, vintage inspired wedding cakes will never go out of style. Make sure to decorate your table with the vintage-looking tablecloth, backdrop and candles.

Traditional lace cakes

The lace cake will as well suit the wedding in the traditional style. Decorate the white cake with the lace in neutral hues for adding the delicate and feminine feel to it. Typical traditional wedding cake designs range from beautiful brush embroidery and lace appliqué. Since the types of lace differ, take along the example of lace for the baker to get inspired. You may even save some money on utilizing ribbon or fabric on the cake.

Modern lace cakes

Lace could look trendy and modern too. Simply opt for the cake in bold hues such as the pink cake with the grey lace. Also consider incorporating black in your wedding cake design since black lace able to add the contemporary and chic feel to your cake. It is very important to choose the right color combination for a cake with lace. Moreover, you can bring the two-dimensional element with lace that would stream down the cake.

Mix and match lace cakes

If you want to amaze your guests with the wedding cake, consider ordering the exclusive cake with the mix and match patterns. Simply combine the lace patterns with the roses, ruffles or even buttons, but make sure to not overload your cake with too many elements since it can look flavorless and vulgar.

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