How to Choose a Wedding Cake in Summer 2019

Summer Wedding Cake Ideas for 2019. Cake for a wedding in the summer can be a decent headache for the bride and groom. After all, if you do not know the rules of how to choose a wedding cake in the summer, you can get into trouble and even get a health hazard. There are tips how to choose for wedding cake in the summer 2019:

  1. For the summer perfectly suited all sponge cakes. Chocolate, vanilla, orange - the choice is unlimited. The main difficulty is choosing a filler.
  2. It is necessary to use cream and butter. This can be either the classic version of "oil + condensed milk", or the oil-custard (cream "Charlotte"). These creams are frozen in the refrigerator, so there is less chance that the cake will settle or is deformed during transportation. The shelf life of cakes for 72 hours.
  3. In fact, in the summer time, paradoxically, cakes with fresh fruit / berries I do not recommend. Unless you fill them with a special gel. But now such a rarity cakes. Popular wedding cakes to order a coating of mastic or marzipan. They look more interesting and better preserved. In addition, the much-loved by many as a decoration for a wedding cake, sweet roses will flow not from the mastic and not spoil in the heat.

Summer wedding cakes call for bright florals, fresh fruits, and vibrant colors. While it's natural to worry about which type of icing or frosting can withstand the Summer heat (cooked meringue or buttercream, starch-stabilized, and fondant icings are your go-tos), when it comes to summertime designs, you do not have to forfeit style. If the wedding is held in the summer, pick up a pastry those ingredients that do not deteriorate in the heat for a few hours and do not lose their appearance.

Chalkboard Cakes with a special message for summertime

If you’ve never seen a chalkboard cake before or you’re eager to try this new trend out for yourself;  it’s created using black sugar paste dusted in icing sugar and finished with a hand painted message using white edible paint and a thin brush.

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