Korean Celebrities look Pretty in Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress becomes one of the important items that should never be forgotten during a wedding party, including for the South Korean celebrities. They look pretty stunning when wearing a wedding dress with their own style on the happy moment. Who are they?

1. Lee Min Jung

Korean stars Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun who starred in GI Joe and Red2 celebrated their wedding this week. The couple got married at the Grand Hyatt in Seoul, Korea. Lee Min wore 3 different dresses, she first wore a simple dress with lace sleeves by Marchesa 2013.

Lee Min wear Another strapless gown with a veil 
2. Jun Ji Hyun's Wedding Dress

Unlike Lee Min Jung and Sunye who went for full skirts, Jun Ji Hyun selected a form-fitting bridal wedding dress from Reem Acra. The design is embellished with lace and beads for a more sophisticated look. It's a shame, however, that we couldn't find a full photo of Jun Ji Hyun in her ceremonial wedding dress. Nevertheless, it's expected that she looked exquisite!

3. Yoo Ji Tae and Kim Hyo Jin

The Healer actor and the Mary Stayed out All Night actress looked like two adorable figurines on the top of a wedding cake! I love his simple black tux, and her elegant figure-hugging mermaid dress must have started a trend.

4. Yoona

Yoona wears a gorgeous cream wedding dress in another drama “Love Rain” that she starred with Jang Geun Suk. When the character she played got married, she made a beautiful bride with perfectly matched strappy sandals and a floral wreath perched atop her wavy side-braided hair.

5. Sunye's Lee Myung Soon Wedding Dress

Much like Lee Min Jung, Wonder Girls' Sunye was like a fairy tale princess when she walked down the aisle on her wedding day. Her gown was designed by renowned bridal designed Lee Myung Soon. The floor length gown boasted a full-skirt with lace covers. The long sleeves with lace appliqu├ęs makes the look very elegant.

6. Kahi in a Wedding Dress

Singer Kahi revealed herself in a wedding dress. Kahi posted on her Twitter, "Do I look pretty? There is a wedding experiece on this week's Beautiful days. All brides are so pretty", along with a picture.

In the picture, Kahi is wearing a wedding dress, holding a bouquet, and is sitting down on a chair, smiling at the camera. 

That's all 6 wedding dresses worn by Korean artists. So, which picture of Korean artists in wedding dress that you like the most? 

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