Muslim Women Wedding Dresses By Dida Mischavaro

Dida Mischavario, a newcomer designer has just launched a collection of wedding dresses Muslim. Dinda gives theme Serenity of Goddess, for this event. Woman has only four years as designer, gives a touch of luxury to hijabers when she married.

Dinda gives touching of glamor with golden nuances and looks like princess. Dinda was inspired by a fictional character, a fairy. According to him, the fairy is a graceful figure and can emit an aura of beauty Muslim woman. What kind of her new projects? Check out these photos.
Long white dress with french brocade fabrics, it makes appearance very elegant. Additional material embroidered lace with a touch of gold bandage dress gives a luxurious.
Other works displayed by Dida was th
e wedding dress mermaid that was exhibited by Angel Lelga. Material blend lace and taffeta make women look graceful. 34-year-old designer also pours a golden sequins to give the impression of glamor. He also given a different accent extra long tulle ruffle the sake of beautifying the appearance of the bride.
When we look at this dress will be the impression of luxury. Shades of broken white dress with a sprinkling of sequins and Swarovski crystals in all its parts. The whole collection of the works of Muslim wedding dress by Dida will be studded Swarovski.

The whole design of the latest wedding dress of Dida's work is full detail. Application of lace material filled golden embroidery and sequins characterizes strong in his latest collection.
If the wedding dress is generally designed to follow the silhouette of a woman's body in order to impress a sexy and elegant, but not for Muslim wedding dress. Loose clothing without showing body contour shown by the designer in his latest collection. This wedding dress is intended for Muslim women who want to still look beautiful, luxurious, without having to impress sexy or tight.

Muslim wedding dress Dida's collection decorated by golden embroidery. Such as this one dress. The veil is  given golden embroidery too,  for the sake of looks luxurious.
Different from other collections, for this design looks more simple but still rich in detail. Flower decoration gives feminine impression on the front. Extra thick tulle as a tail dress makes the bride looks luxurious appearance.
This one of wedding dress gives the impression of stacks and has luxurious elements with golden nuances. Dida also provide embroidery at the waist instead of a belt. This dress is suitable for wedding receptions.

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  1. Perfectly modest and still breath taking

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