Romantic Red Velvet for Wedding Day

Red Velvet cake is one of the most in demand in recent times. If you want to get a special cake for your wedding, romantic red velvet for wedding day can be an option. This cake is a cake that is very famous began in 1959. At that time, red velvet is made by one bakery in town Manhattan named Magnolia Bakery. This cake is served at the Waldorf-Astoria, Manhattan, New York. Appearance in the film Steel Magnolias in 1989 further catapulted the name of Red Velvet cake as an exotic and expensive. Red velvet generally consists of two layers or more. Among the layers are given a thick cream cheese. The color red was originally produced from the fruit of beetroot. This is one of the favorite desserts for the majority of American citizens. Red Velvet has a lot of names, other than the so-called Devil's Food Cake she also has a variety of names such as Waldorf Red Cake, Waldorf Astoria Red Cake, Cake Flame, and $ 300 Cake. Red Velvet claimed to have a very delicious taste. You can enjoy a mix of its soft cream, velvety texture of the cake, and a unique mixture of chocolate and tangerine in one bite.

Now, the red velvet can not only be found in Manhattan. Almost all food enthusiasts around the world have started to hunt for this cake now. These foods are now produced in various parts of the world. In addition to be made in the form of cake, now there are many variants of red velvet. It is also not only served as a dessert course, some of the chef and baker even started producing the red velvet wedding cake. Red velvet could be one of the delicious snacks and fancy for a wedding party. Its red and white color looks very romantic and perfect for culinary delights. Here are some ideas and variant forms of red velvet that you can try to complete the dish at your wedding.

Original Red velvet could be one option for a wedding cake. You can look at red velvet wedding cake belongs to Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey at their wedding in 2001. Pick the right decorations so that your wedding cake looks interesting. You can decorate it with the cake crumbs, ribbons, flowers, and unique patterns. You can use some tier for the wedding cake, a 1 to 4-tier is okay for a wedding cake.

In addition to be made in the form of cake, you can also create a red velvet pie. A mix of crisp pie shell would cause its own pleasure if combined with a creamy texture of cream cheese frosting and cake crumbs soft. The color red will tempt you to take one more slice.

You can see that in every wedding is generally provided dessert booth. You can choose cocktails, fresh juice, or ice cream. In addition to presenting red velvet wedding cake, you can also serving red velvet ice cream. You can pamper guests by serving red velvet sundae. A mix of ice cream flavors and red velvet crumbs could be a dessert fresh and sweet.

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