Various Long Sleeve Wedding Gowns

Long sleeve wedding gowns are perfect for wedding in winter. Yet, you still can wear this even when it is summer. It depends on the material of cloth you choose.  Well, some women choose to have strapless gown, but having gown with sleeves is also stunning. You can focus yourself at the gown’s decoration on your sleeves, and create a more detail material. Long sleeve wedding gowns are also great to show the silhouette of your body, something that strapless gown cannot do for you.

Muslim Wedding Gowns

Long sleeve wedding gown can also be intended for Muslim brides. If one of the aims of long sleeve gown for showing the shape of your body, it is not what Muslim wedding gowns do. This wedding gown, in opposite, is not aimed for giving an elegant or sexy impression. It must not show the silhouette of women’s body. Thus, loose clothing is the most perfect choice for Muslim wedding gown. Without losing the glamorous and luxurious touch of gown, lace cloth completed with gold ornaments is great to have. Give detail on the whole wedding dress.

Long sleeve wedding gown for muslim brides

Though it is Muslim wedding gown, but the style of it still can follow the latest design we see today. One example is mermaid wedding gowns, which is the combination of lace and tulle as its tail. If you are interested with this idea, then the upper part of the gown should be a bit tight, while the loose is on the lower part, so that the gown is not looked so heavy. Some ornaments like gold flower or diamonds will be great to put to give you a luxurious touch.

Wedding Gowns with Sleeves

The common wedding dress we find today is the one without sleeves. When we are talking about sleeves then, there are so many kinds of sleeves we can find. Long sleeves can be derived into various kinds, for instance three-quarter sleeves, bell sleeves, and also bishop sleeves. Each of the sleeves will create a different touch and characteristics to the brides.

Long sleeve wedding gowns comes in two materials. Lace for the upper part with silk for the rest of the gown is something common we find. Yet, we also can cover the whole silk cloth with embroidered lace. If long sleeve gowns make you not free to move, then three-quarter sleeves can be a great choice. If you like the material of the gown you like, and then this sleeve will be great to show it. It is more attractive than the strapless but not too much like the bishop sleeve we are going to see later.

If you want a long sleeve gown which is not too tight, bishop of bells sleeves are two great choices. Both of the sleeves are lightweight yet loose. The whole dress of this gown is also loose. Yet, you can put some details on neck and on waist. Put the attractive point on your wrists. Here, you can play with lace, as the additional material for the long sleeve wedding gowns.

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