Western Style Wedding Dresses and Its History

Western style wedding dresses are still the popular choice for most brides. The simplicity is the main concern why women choose this gown for their wedding day. White, strapless, gloves, and accessories on head are the characteristics that we commonly find on wedding dress. Yet, today this classic has been modified with other styles.

The History of Wedding Dress

In western culture, wedding does not only perform the unity of two people’s love. This can be political or business action. When the reason of wedding is two political or business, then, it is the wealthy and nobility families who conduct this. Wedding then become a mean for them to show the caste, that they come from honored society group. The higher the social status, the more color and materials they use for the gown. Silk, furs, and also velvet are common to choose in that era, they also choose bold color, not white like what we see today.

The white wedding gown is performed by Queen Victoria. The style that she brings is the one that we can find today, white wedding dress with train at the back and short in front. White, symbolize the purity and also virginity at that time. Yet, some people also say that it symbolizes Christening gown. That is why it is very popular in western. Today, the development of fashion has changed the styles of wedding dresses.

Western Wedding Dress

We have the classic Victorian style, the white gown with train and cover. Sometimes it also comes with gloves. The styles that derived from this one style is a lot today. One example is from the length of its sleeves. The classic one is strapless, while today we will find the one with short, long, and also three quarter sleeves. The length of the gown is also various, we will find the short one, but with some details on shoes or the upper part of the gown.

There is one unique idea you can have for your wedding day. Short vintage dress combined with boots is great for western style wedding dresses. Country and vintage wedding is very stunning to have. Since you can give the guests unexpected surprise through the wedding, from its decoration and the gown you have. Rustic furniture combine with floral decoration are two things you have to put for the country wedding style. To surprise guests, you can barefoot, or wear boots with short dress.

If you want something else unique, then choose denim wedding dress. Instead of choosing white gown which is very common, try denim color. The style is classic, strapless but it comes in blue denim. You can combine it with lace bolero to give it details, just making it in short wedding gown. The denim dress even can come with long gown with train. It is great to combine with white gloves with classic caps or cover. White cowboy hat is great for giving another touch of country and vintage western wedding. For this one, silk or chiffon ruffle dress is great to choose as western style wedding dresses.

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