Worth-to-Try Short Hairstyles for Wedding

Weddinghousehold.com - Who said there is no wedding hairstyles for short hair? Women with this short length hair can still look beautiful. Unfortunately, there are still some of us who think that long hair is better to have for this type of event. Hence, several women with short hair decide to do a hair extension so they can have long hair. That is not necessary at all. There is a number of short hairstyles which are actually perfect for this majestic occasion. If you want to know what those are, here are our top three wedding hairstyles for short hair.

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Worth-to-Try Short Hairstyles for Wedding

Braided Short Hair

Just because we have short hair, it does not mean we cannot braid it. As a matter of fact, this kind of length will create such an adorable and lovely plait. So, let’s begin the tutorial. First, apply recovery spray on our hair to give a heat protection. Second, use curling iron only on the front top area. Third, put on a little bit of hair gel or wax. It aims to make the hair to become more texturized later when we want to style it. Fourth, take a half of our hair from one side and hold it with a hairpin. Then, twist the other half, put it on the back, and use one or two bobby pins to hold the shape. Do the same thing to the other side and connect it to the first twisted hair by using another bobby pins. Fifth, on the front side, we still have some loose hair. Use them to create two braids and link them with the twist. About the half hair on the side, move them behind our ear and pin them to the back.

Updo for Short Hair

The second one is an updo style. The first thing to do here is, once again, spray our hair with heat protection spray. Next, apply a curling iron all over. It is better to not doing it section by section. Just curl them randomly. Once it is done, comb it with our hands to break the curl shape. Take all hair on the back side and create a pony tail. Twist the tail part and shape it like a bun. Hold it with bobby pins. Now, make two braids on each side of the front hair. After that, place these two to the back. It is above the bun to be exact. Finally, use another bobby pins to stick them with the bun.

Classic Updo with Lacy Head Scarf

Last but not least, it is a updo complete with a head scarf. First, use dry shampoo to texturize our hair. Second, take a section on the top back side and back-comb it to create a volume. Then, after smooth that section, hold the tip of it with bobby pin. Third, move the hair from left and right sides toward the top back and pin them. Secure the remaining hair with other pins. If we look at the back, it is quite messy with many pins around. That’s why we wear white lacy head scarf for that. Use it from the back to cover the pins toward the front top of our head. Knot it twice, tuck the remaining fabrics to the back, and you are done. Now you have one of our wedding hairstyles for short hair which gives you classic look yet still amazing for a wedding.

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