Why Choosing Victorian Style Wedding Dresses

Weddinghousehold.com - Wedding dress is one, a bride cannot take randomly. Look beautiful, gorgeous and stunning is a must when someone gets married. Wedding dresses are plenty to opt out. They come with various designs and styles. The popular option among brides is the variants of victorian style wedding dresses. This style is renowned for soft and romantic look. The materials are mostly made of silky satins with details of laces, pearls and embellish with bows. The initial design was high neck and long sleeve but in the progress of time, it converted to a low neck and short sleeve. The white is the most common choice but since Queen Victoria chose white as her wedding dress color, then this wedding dress style comes with mostly in this color.

The victorian style wedding dresses are great choice for brides who want to look elegant and classically beautiful besides it delivers femininity and simplicity. Today, the designs are developed so any shapes of body are possible to opt out this style. However, women with hour-glass figure will look greater and more adorable. Back to the reign of Victoria, Queen of Britain era, this wedding dress was born and soon became popular because the Queen, the paragon among women at that time. Before 1910, the wedding dress is not specified in color, so brides can choose any color. After that years, white gained popularity until today. This wedding dress goes with some accessories which started since the first appearance. Today, the progress also gives different ideas of accessories.

If we take a look back to the standard victorian style wedding dresses, the design is simple but still expose the elegance and grace. Come with white hues, the ivory white is mostly opted. The bottom part is a wide skirt adorned with petticoats. The ruffle-arranged laces embellished the neckline. The head accessory is a veil with lace. The length of the veil is varied from below the wrists or reaching down the floor. The flower is a must accent and orange blossoms was very popular at that time. The pearl jewelry is one of must worn accessories to enhance the look. This appearance is very elegant and timeless to wear today. Especially, when many designs are made as the development of Victorian style, brides have plenty of options to choose their wedding dress in this style.

For brides who look for inspiration for the wedding dress, Victorian style can be taken into consideration. Bring the simply elegance look, the gown will help delivering effortless beauty. For modern wedding, a touch of retro look can enhance the romantic atmosphere. Since the design can be modified to be more ‘today’ look, brides have infinite possibility to convey their ideas related to the wedding dress. The adornments, accessories and details of the gown are plenty to choose. The limit is the sky and this style can always match the overall wedding theme. Choose the real vintage Victorian style or you can put a touch for something modern in the dress are possible to do.

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