Be A Sexy Bride with Open Back Wedding Dresses

Have you ever considered to try open back wedding dresses? It may be backless, but it does not mean it is inappropriate to wear for marriage. As a matter of fact, this type of bridal gown design seems to get more and more popular lately. By wearing this dress, some brides will be able to bring a bit of sexy appearance. Of course, it is still a positive sexiness. Anyway, there are several open back wedding dresses with different designs on the back, you will looks be a sexy bride. We have mentioned a few of them below for you. Who knows that you might be interested to one of them.

Be A Sexy Bride with Open Back Wedding Dresses

Diamond or O Shaped Back

If you want to wear an backless wedding gown but do not want to show too much skin, then this first design is the best choice. Let’s call it as diamond or o shaped back dress. Our back is surrounded with lacy fabrics from the gown with shapes like letter ‘O’ or diamond. What makes it so elegantly sexy is how the laces surrounding it just like a beautiful frame of an empty painting. Isn’t it lovely for a wedding?

U or V Shaped Back

The next one shows more skin than the first design. This type has two kind of letter shapes, which are ‘U’ and ‘V’. How it gets this shape is the line from both shoulder straps lowering toward above the waist. Unlike the diamond or O shaped, the back neck area is not covered. If the tip of the line is round, then it refers to U shaped back. If it is pointed, that is V back dress. In spite of showing more skins, we are still able to put on it even during our wedding ceremony. For your information, this gown does not only flaunt our back side, but also our shoulders. Therefore, we opine that it will look much better for women who have firm shoulders.

Open Back with Straps

This one is no longer require specific shape on the back. Instead, it uses one or more straps as a trimming of the dress. It could be one strap arranged vertically or horizontally. Sometimes there is a beautiful ornament placed at the center. Some gowns even have more than one straps. For example, one strap is started from the neck and then divided into five or six straps. Each of them purposely spread into different spots. The material used for the straps here is commonly from fabrics, but some designers choose something deluxe like diamonds or pearls. If you want to be an expensive or simply luxurious bride, then you may try this bridal gown.

Open Back with Transparent Accent

Not all of backless wedding dresses are totally uncovered. There are some of them which may seems like that but still covered with fabrics. These fabrics have a transparency feature which turn it into an open back. To illustrate it, silky chiffon will cover our back, but people still can see the behind part. Or, lace fabric will cover it with its thin texture patterns so it only shows our skin slightly. Well, between these two open back wedding dresses, which one do you like?

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