Fairy Tale Wedding Dresses Ideas

Fairy tale is very influential for girls. Story about princess, true love and prince charming will remain great memory for lifetime. Therefore, many women are obsessed with their childhood memory and dream of having fairy tale wedding dresses when they finally experience the most special moment in life. Although it is not specified for fairy tale wedding theme, the dresses are always worth considering. Take a look at fairy tale books, cartoons or movies adapting fairy tale, they show many beautiful dresses which can be great inspiration for the wedding gown. It will be not difficult to find them because many famous designers have created wedding dresses inspired by fairy tale characters. The creativities make the gowns are not only adorably beautiful but also stunningly breathtaking, causing envy and jealousy for other girls.

Disney maybe one of inspirational spot in which they filmed many fairy tales such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Pocahontas, Snow White and many others. Many designers are inspired to create wedding dresses with the theme. Surely, some additions and developments are put to embellish the dresses yet the results are breathtakingly adorable. Cinderella, for instance, brings the theme of icy blue wedding gowns. However, some designers choose to bring different touch using different hues. The Cinderella wedding gowns are also design to look couture than before providing elegance and high class. Snow White is another adored character in fairy tale in which many fairy tale wedding dresses inspired by this princess are created. The color combinations of Snow White created by Disney are memorable.

Sleeping Beauty with her pink gown also becomes inspiration. Hues are played not only in soft pink, but also red coral or even pure white. The floral accents such as roses are added as the embellishment or motif of the fabric. The sleeve is also modified. Rather than long sleeve, it is possible to use short sleeve, medium or sleeveless. Another famous fairy tale which is filmed by Disney is Beauty and the Beast, in which the main female character, Belle becomes one of famous Princess adored by many girls. Her gown when dancing with Beast stuns the eyes. Wedding dresses inspired by Belle’s gown are plenty. Yellow gown are modified to be pale yellow, ivory, champagne and the memorable draperies of Belle’s gown is attached.

Besides those famous princess characters, fairy tale wedding dresses can be acquired by using own design. Many inspirations can be taken everywhere, especially over the internet. It will be good to match the dresses with fairy tale wedding theme. However, personal taste is the most important, hence, the choice is personal call. The fabrics using for the dresses play important role to create adorable wedding gowns. Silk, satin, taffeta are some options. Put details into attentions. Embroidery and beads can make more sparkle to the gown. Give the best effect of fairy tale touch. Swarovski, rhinestones or crystal make the impact of fairy dust creating the touch of fantasy stronger. Don’t forget about the designs that match the body figures.

Prepare to feel like a Disney princess when you celebrate your wedding day. The following is various of Fairy Tale Wedding Dresses that you may get inspirations. Some of them we got from Galia Lahav that created a magical world of bridal couture unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Her fairy tale wedding dresses embody details of light, soft draping, and the delicate flares inspired by wings of familiar fairy tale princess with body hugging contours but remain coy with their softer lines and overall silhouette. The pieces are plated in genuine gold.

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