Long and Short Vintage Wedding Dresses Ideas

Weddinghousehold.com - Short vintage wedding dresses are popular theme that most braid chooses today. Vintage brings us to a light stunning yet still gorgeous style besides Bohemian style wedding dresses. When we are talking about vintage, then we may think about a simpler style. Vintage comes in various length of time. The style we find today is starting from 1920s to the last 1950s. To make your dream comes true in your wedding for having a vintage style, then; consider the year that you want to bring and the characteristic that each year brings to you.

short vintage wedding dresses

DIY wedding dress is alternative for you to save budget on wedding. Wedding ceremony should not be a stressful moment. If you bothered by the budget on its preparation, then to cut cost, a DIY wedding is a stunning idea you can try. You may save hundred dollars by making your own wedding dress.

Short Vintage Dress

Short dress is the characteristic of vintage style. There are some ideas you can have for having your own vintage style. The materials are easy to find yet may be cheaper than buy the new one. One idea you can have is ruffle wedding dress. There are two choices, make it short or make it having a floor length. As the materials, you just need some recycled fabrics to make the layers and little lace for the shoulders.

A simpler dress is also great choice if you do the ceremony of city hall. Just make a simple dress with silk, with very short lace sleeves, which follow the contour of your body. Make yourself gorgeous with the hairdo and accessories to put on. Give your dress more volume at the lower part of the short dress is also stunning. Give it accent using lace to put as the sleeves, or for your back. If you like the material of the dress you have, showed it through the sleeves you have. The gown is not so long, and then put the attention on the sleeves and details on lace. Though it is short, couture style can still be applied. The shorter part is in front, while the longer is at the back. Give accent on the skirt, to make it more vintage.

Long Vintage Dress

Well, we also provide you with option to have a long vintage dress for your wedding. Lace wedding dress is still option for vintage wedding dress. Lace is very beautiful if you see on details, and long vintage dress with lace for the whole accent will be stunning to have. This dress will cover your chest and back, it has turtle neck style. Give accessories at the upper part of the dress, the one that different from the lace, to give contrast. This vintage style is great for summer and also beach wedding. If loose gown is not right, then choose chiffon and cotton silk for your wedding dress. It is strapless gown, which is built in a corset bra. The original style comes in long dress, but you also can make it short. The material is not sheer and loose, so that it will be great for your short vintage wedding dresses.

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