Short and Long Hair Styles for Weddings

Hair styles for weddings are another focal point that people see besides the gown you wear. The common thing we see about hair do for wedding is the one with long hair. Of course long hair makes us easy to play with it, and to be styled with every style you want to have. For those who have short hair, you do not have to have hair extension to look stunning on your wedding day. Short hair is enough, completed with accessories, it is enough to make the whole guests say wow.

Short Hair Styles for Weddings

Your hair and the accessories you have for the wedding day can be the same with the color of dress you want, but it also can be very opposite to it. One idea to have, is when you have a white wedding gown, then make your hair seems to  have the same color with your gown by adding some of accessories. This very first idea is very simple; just make your hair to be an aerial whipped hairdo. This is great for those who have super short hair. To contrast the color, play with make up on your face. You can put a gold lipstick or some glowing touch on it. Necklace or long earrings are also great to contrast the white hair and gown. If you want to keep your hair dark, then make it having sassy shag hairdo, to give the whole look is more textured. Put an accessory on your style, to contrast the color of hair. Long earrings are also recommended.

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The second idea for hair styles for weddings is for those who have not-too-short hair. If you have short bob hair, you still can do what women with long hair can do, having loose wedding hairdo. This on-trend hair do for wedding still can be done for those who have short hair. Put a thin headband as accessory. A loose breezy curl is also great for your wedding day. Make it as natural as possible. This length hair is also great for creating a vintage hair do.

Long Hair Styles for Wedding

Short long hair with accessories is stunning. For those who have long hair, you may be bored with the hairstyles we commonly see online. Indian hairdo can be an alternative for you to play with your long hair. Well, it is not only suitable for Indian style occasion, but you still can use it for various occasions. Give volume to your long hair; make it straight at the upper part and curls at the end of hair. This is one of famous characteristics of Indian hairstyles for wedding. Make sure you divided your hair at the middle part; it is the place for the bindi (hair accessories put from hair to forehead) being put.

For those who want the more modern one, side curly hairdo is the best choice to have. If loose hair is not your style for wedding, then try this idea. Tied your curly hair at side, as the accessories you can put a big flower on it. This is one of characteristic we can find in Indian hair styles for wedding.

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