Fitness Themed Wedding Ideas - Here’s a wedding post for couples who want express their wedding with fitness themed wedding ideas. Celebrating wedding day with sweat session together in the gym is a unique and fun moment.

There are many ways to collaborate fitness theme into your wedding. Combine your love of muscles and each other with some fun ideas below:

1. Wedding Cake with fitness themed

Nothing can replace having a beautiful cake at your wedding. There is a belief that eating the crumbs of the wedding cake would give guests good luck. Create a custom wedding cake that is personalized and represents you and your groom as a couple, maybe with a cake topper model of the both of you lifting! Hey, if you’re going to eat cake, make sure it’s a cake that lifts as much as you!

2. Sport dress for bridemaids

You’ve found the perfect dress that shows off your hard-earned physique. Now it comes to dressing your bridesmaids, the girls who make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger and have been there with you through the thick and thin, ups and downs, and squats and sun salutations. Dress your girls in chic sports bras or tank tops, with matching sports shoes and an ethereal skirt to exude a sporty feel for an unconventional wedding party.

3. Gym Themed Prewedding

Many couples usually opt to have pre-wedding photos taken before their wedding day. One of the reasons is to get to know your wedding photographer well before the big day so both parties are comfortable with each other.

For more inspiration you can see the pictures below :
What do you think of the idea of a fitness-themed wedding? Would you ever theme your wedding? Have you ever been to a themed wedding? 

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