The Best Muslim Wedding Invitations

When you come to Muslim Wedding Day, there is something unique like special wedding invitations and Muslim Marriage has two separate occasions namely, the Nikaah and the Walima. The ardent traditional values and the lifetime commemoration on a large scale define the uniqueness of Muslim Weddings. However, like any other wedding, wedding invitations play a pivotal role in Islamic Weddings. Also known as Shaadi Cards, these invitations stand out because of various factors, including design and wordings.

Islamic Wedding Invitation Wordings For Two Different Occasions
For a Muslim wedding, two wedding invitations are made. This is because every Muslim Marriage has two separate occasions namely, the Nikaah and the Walima. Nikaah is the main event when the two couples exchange vows in the presence of Quazi (Islamic priest). The invitation cards for the nikaah are arranged by the bride's family. Walima, on the other hand, is the wedding reception, the invitations for which have to be made by the groom's family.

The design of Islamic Wedding Invitations ranges from plain to vivacious and classy ones. However, no matter what the design is, one more thing that makes the card a true possession is the invitation wording.

This is for example of muslim wedding invitation wording :

In the name of 'ALLAH Subhanavtaala' the most beneficient and merciful O 
Allah Guide this Marriage to the best of understanding love & Happiness-Ameen
With the blessing from our Parents
Grandson of Late Ansar Begum Mohd. Siddique Kadri 
Grandson of Late Khateja Mehmood Sayed Termeezi 

Mr. & Mrs Omar Kadri Graciously invite you to celebrate the auspicious Dawat-e-Walima of their loving son


(D/o. Mr. & Mrs. Sarfaraz Hussain)

on Friday 11th April, 2008 (Hijri 1429-4 Rabi Ulakhir) Time : 8.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m.

: Venue :
Bombay Radio Clubs, on Pier Side
157 Arthur Bunder Road, Colaba,
Mumbai - 400 005. Phone #2284 5025

: With Best Compliments from :
Relative & Friends

Among His proofs is that He created for you spouses form among yourselves, in order to have tranquility and contentment with each other,
and He placed in your hearts love and care towards your spouses. In this, there are proofs for people who think.
Mr. Haji Mahmoodul Haque Khan
Request the pleasure of your company with family on the auspicious occassion
of the wedding ceremony of their Son
Waseem Ahmad Khan
Ishrat Jahan
(D/o. Tauqeer Hasan Saheb)
Dawat - E - Walima
Insha-Allah on Monday 26th May 2008 after Namaz Zohar.
At Khamhariya, Gainsari, Balrampur U.P.
Mob. 9935897743, 9870059944
With Best Compliments From
Wadoodul Haque Khan, Baitullah Khan, Qutbullah Khan,
Shamim Ahmad Khan, Dr. Ateequr Rahman, Izharul Haque Khan
All Relative & Friends

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