You will be a Good Husband, Do it!

According to the statistics, over two-thirds of British men will enter into wedlock in their lifetime. Now, there’s a lot of benefits to being a husband (a longer life and freshly-baked cookies come to mind) but with all of its benefits and responsibilities, one thing is certain: marriage is no place for little boys who think their job is over once they’ve “put a ring on it”.

You see, to be marriage material, one must be a man. He must have a certain sense of himself and his partner. He must be willing to give as much – maybe even more – than he takes. A job will come in handy. Knowing how to make a perfect pancake is nice. And so, in honor of your desire to make that gorgeous, smart, funny woman your wife – and our desire to make it as nice a situation as it can be–we have compiled a list of a few things every man should possess before becoming a husband.

A Good Set of Tools

Yes, really. You’re going to need to fix things around your new house and she’ll appreciate your hands-on approach. Best of all, our sources tell us a man who is good with a screwdriver is a turn-on.

“I’ll tighten your screw, honey.”

Tuned Up Ears and Eyes

A good husband knows how to listen to his wife (without pointing out what she did wrong or trying to “fix” every situation). He gives his wife eye contact and engages her. Translation: Put down the controller, stop playing FIFA and focus.

A Few Tricks in The Bedroom

You know how you hate to have sex in the same position for the same amount of time every three days? So does she. Spice it up, guy.

Cooking Skills

OK, so you don’t have to be Jamie Oliver, but know how to make at least one meal–really well–so that you can surprise her every once in a while.

A Sense of Humor

You’re going to need it. Proposals are really one person asking the other person to put up with all of their quirks and annoyances for the rest of their life and agreeing to put up with theirs. You can either blow up and get mad over every little thing or laugh about your differences. Your choice.

New Underwear

Your wife never wants to look over and see holes (or worse, skidmarks) in her husband’s underwear. Pop into Calvin Klein once in a while.

“Nice and Clean.”

A Decent Understanding of What it’s Like to Live With a Woman

Living with a woman isn’t like cohabitating with your university buddy. We’re not big on generalisations, but as a rule, women tend to keep “softer” and “cleaner” homes, they’re not big fans of waking up to 12 empty beer bottles and pizza boxes and there’s a good chance she won’t want to spend the next 50 years picking up after you.

Knowledge of The Three C’s

Communication, Compromise and Compassion.


Women tend to take quite a bit of time getting ready and telling stories and they change their mind fairly frequently.


Specifically from your mother.

An Ability to “Share Your Feelings”

You’re going to need to say “I love you” to your wife (often). If you have issues saying it, find ways to show it, or better yet, show it or write it in a card. The men who do all three have the happiest marriages of all.

A Savings Account

With a few quid in it.

The Ability to Look and Not Touch

An old man once said, “When I married my wife, I gave her my body and my heart, but I kept my eyes for myself.” Fair enough.

Anger Management

Like all men, married men get angry, sometimes at their wives. But those who blow up too much or too often usually fall into that othergroup of men, you know, the ones who check off that box that starts with “D”.

The only thing worth fighing for? Make-Up Sex.

A Good Idea as To Whether Or Not He Wants to Be a Father

If she’s clear that she wants to be a mother and you’re not sure, there’s an issue.

The Ability To Be Wrong

We know, you’re always right. Except when you’re not. Just remember that marriage isn’t Halo. Winning isn’t annihilating your partner, it’s getting out of a tense situation unscathed and moving closer to the “sex in the morning” part.

The Abilty to Forgive

In order to stay in a relationship with anyone for a long period of time, you’re going to need to know how to let things go and move forward. Besides, she’s worth it.

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