10 Tips to Keep the Wedding Budget Down

Many people have the notion that a wedding costs at least 10,00,000 INR, but I can easily keep a perfect wedding for much less than.

With good ideas and helping hands it can easily be done to keep a large and lavish wedding for little money.

It costs nothing to get married — but if you like to celebrate his wedding costs can easily run up to incalculable amounts. Many have an idea that a perfect wedding costs at least 10, 00,000 INR, but actually you can with far fewer resources to keep a fantastic wedding.

Get here 10 tips to keep the wedding budget down

Find a Cheap Wedding Dress
Princess dream can be kept alive on a low budget When getting married, dreaming every bride to find the perfect wedding dress. In the market there is a huge selection of designs and prices, but it can easily be done to find a wedding dress for little money.

Many wedding dress shops are sales during the year where they sell out of last year’s collections, but you can also choose to rent the wedding dress you just have to wear on your wedding day.

It is also worth trying to seek out a little more local wedding dress retailers where prices tend to be lower. On websites like bryllup.dk and bryllupsklar.dk you will also find forums where old bridal selling their used wedding dresses, which has only been used once.

Veils are also available used, or it can easily be sewn even if you or for example, your friend is good to sew yourself. Bride bridal shoes should preferably be white but think about whether you might find a nice pair of shoes that you can use in the summer. On the way turn two birds with one stone.

The bride does not have to invest in new, expensive jewelry for her wedding. It is beautiful to wear an heirloom or a borrowed jewelry from the family. Do you know someone who is good at setting hair, can I get him / her to put the bride’s hair. You can also find a cheap, local hairdresser. Hair accessories can be easily and cheaply available on the web. Search for example on ebay.com there is also money to be saved if the groom can borrow or rent a tuxedo and maybe you just buy a vest or a new shirt.

Garnish car
Limousine or horse-drawn carriage are popular means of transport for the newly married couples. But if you can settle for less, you can easily dress up a regular car with flowers and tulle. You might also be lucky to find a nice, older car that you can rent or borrow.

Go in search of cheap wedding rings
A wedding ring should last a lifetime, and you choose gold rings will necessarily be a major expense. But if you fine with not getting custom designed its call at the goldsmith, you can easily find great rings at a reasonable price for both a jeweler or on the Internet.

Buy seasonal flowers
Flowers should be for the wedding day — both in the church and for festive tables. But flowers are expensive, so it is worth checking out prices at your local florists. The cheapest is often to choose a few different flowers that fall season for.

You can also choose to buy and put flowers together, and many party places also offer that you come with your own table decorations. If there are several couples who are getting married the same day as you, it is a great economical and practical advantage, to join church icing.

Cheap does not mean bad. Put your own wedding together

The wedding is one of the expenses that require most teeth. Consider which party I wish you how many guests need with what kind of food should be served and where to party maintained?

It takes a little extra planning and time, but there is money to be saved if you can make good friends and family members to lend a hand. One can for example rent a cheap room, as you yourself decorating and many make a great self-service buffet as a main course.

Many couples choose to hold a reception if the wedding is early in the day. A reception is a cozy and informal party, which is within the banquet in the evening. Here guests can have a light meal until the bride and groom come and perhaps cut the wedding cake too.

A reception is a great idea to keep if you want to see a lot of people to her wedding, but can not afford to invite the whole family and all his friends to a party dinner. Reception can usually kept cheap by borrowing one of the church’s premises or keep it in a large garden. Expenses for such drinks, fruit and cake can be kept down by buying it on offer. Also keep in mind that most wedding guests do not eat as much, if they know that they need to feast afterwards.

Make your own wedding cake
Wedding cake is an important part of the wedding day, but you should get hold of a big wedding cake at the bakery cost is often much money per. envelope. Instead could easily make your own wedding cake.

There are many recipes in cookbooks and on the Internet at wedding cakes, and you can easily make it easier and cheaper by buying standard ready-made cake bottoms and make a coating of marsh-mallow-fondant (MMF), which is a mixture of icing sugar, instead of marzipan.

Festive music does not have to be expensive
Music belongs to a really good party. You may be lucky to find a cheap musician, but otherwise it’s a good idea to think about whether you have some acquaintances who plays an instrument or in a band and want to play at the wedding. You can also choose to rent a jukebox or even create a playlist on your computer that you put up with a few good speakers.

Learn the bridal waltz without a dance instructor
It’s expensive to learn the bridal waltz on a dance school, and when the bridal waltz is simple it can be easily learned at home on the ground floor. Rent or buy a DVD of the wedding waltz, and start a few months before the wedding so had to even the most non-dance customary bride or groom could learn it.

Prepare a co-end marriage, when do-it-yourself
In planning a wedding, there are many small creative tasks that lie ahead. Man pays from it all, but often it is both cozier and more personal to make his invitations, place cards, church booklets and thank yourself. Find some cheap materials and find any inspiration in books from directory as to how the cards should look like.

Cherished memories may be cheap
Photos from a wedding anniversary is gold when the rest of life should look back at the big event if you want to save money on the photographer, it is a good idea to look for local Professional photographers who are also taking wedding photos in high quality.

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