7 Reasons You Shouldn't Try to Lose Weight Before The Wedding

Weddinghousehold.com - Just compromise and start looking for your wedding dress. What is one of the first ideas that goes through your head? If you’re like most girls, this will have to go on a diet to be perfect on your big day. Off those kilos you think you can spare is usually a priority for many brides and yet, go on a diet before the wedding has many drawbacks that make it not a good idea. Do you want to know what they are? Here's why you shouldn't cut your weight before you walk down the aisle:

Why not diet before the wedding, 7 Reasons You Shouldn't Try to Lose Weight Before The Wedding

1. Losing weight is something that is often put in a bad mood people

That adds to stress that every bride has during preparations for the link and the result will be a fairly long period of time in which you are always quite stressed and cranky. It is very likely to increase discussions with your kid (sulking precisely because we have already mentioned).

2. There will be many more times to adjust the dress
With the added challenge that entails facing that fits snugly to your silhouette. While normal weight fluctuations won't drastically affect the way a wedding dress fits, your tailor will want to kill you if she has to take in your dress multiple times.

3. Food will become the linchpin of the whole process
Instead of focusing on the fun of the preparations and enjoy them

4. You can damage your self-esteem
Wedding Stress can cause weight loss becomes more complicated than initially had planned and that can damage your self-esteem. Remember that your child loves you just as you are and if you did not have before is no reason for wanting to lose weight, even now should have.

5. You may not be the result you dreamed
Losing weight is not necessarily be a more attractive girlfriend. In fact, the end result may surprise you, since the first time you’ve tried your dress weight and had a few different ways. Do not risk to lose some of his grace with those kilos you’ve taken you off!

6. Before the wedding waiting for you many social events
Visits to friends to deliver invitations, bachelorette parties, lunches or dinners with your family. You do not enjoy the same if you have to control what you eat at all times.

7. A regime or an increase of exercise will make you feel more tired
Prepare a wedding involves a lot of work, so you need to have all the energy possible.
Now that you know these reasons not to go on a diet before your wedding, do you still think it’s a good idea? Tell us your experience!

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