Cutteristic or Paper Cutting as a Wedding Gift - Wedding gifts for bride can be available on various choices. One of them is paper cutting or cutteristic. Paper cutting art was originated from China since the 6th century AD, used for architectural decoration to be placed in walls, doors and windows. Over the years, a simple traditional art craft such as paper cutting come to Indonesia and it was introduced by Dewi Kucu. She has initiated paper cutting into one of a kind art forms, namely cutteristc (handmade cutting using cutter on carton). Today, cutteristic has a product for wedding gidift or wedding anniversary. The paper cutting for wedding gift is a perfect unique, special and exclusive gift for your best friends’ wedding. Write your wish for the happy couple in the paper cutting which will be displayed in double glass wood frame.

Every paper cutting art has its own characteristic due to its distinctive message in its various unique patterns and level of difficulties in the making process. Papercut designs can be very complicated or very simple as the artist’s desires. Cutteristic main product is creating face sketch paper cutting made from photos.

Your favourite pictures or patterns in paper cutting form are the perfect gifts for anyone in any occasion such as seasonal greetings, birthday, anniversary, wedding, and any special occasions.

There are several types of cutteristic products that you have to follow.

Size : 80x100 cm

How to order?
  1. Send photos of high resolution or full size (if taken from mobile phone) to
  2. Share their interest or favorite things, to be applied in background
  3. If you do not know for sure then I will design it in neutral theme: classic pattern, geometrical pattern, or batik pattern
  4. Choose paper color for paper cutting and background, see color chart here
  5. Choose frame color & type, see frame here
  6. Set the dateline, when should I deliver
  7. I will make 3 design alternatives for you to choose and approve. I will hand-cut the approved design
  8. 60-70 Swarovksi crystals will be applied in each artwork
  9. After knowing step 1-8, Fill this form
Paper Cutting is q unique wedding gift

Wedding gifts aren't about you and being remembered for what you might give. So, The paper cutting for a wedding gift is a good idea that will make you to give your best friend when he or she marriages.

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