Planning your honeymoon trip the right way! - Love is the food of life, and travel is the dessert is a quote that fits perfectly for the time after marriage. On one side it is the beginning a new phase in life, on the other it brings along added responsibilities of managing a family. But, honeymoon is that period for you to enjoy to the fullest, before you are handed over those responsibilities.

So, here we are with that post. Check out how you can use this project management tool to plan your honeymoon trip -

Sorting out where to go
Step one of planning a trip is to sort out the options where you and couple will go. You might have shortlisted a few good options before getting married. But, where are they now? Where did you keep them? Did you save their URLs or jotted them down on a notepad? Unable to find! That’s exactly what happens in most of the cases. So, what you will do now is search again. Compare all the places of world that fit within your budget. We have some suggestion trip for honeymoon in Indonesia (Click here) and in Cambodia, Song Saa Private Island. Sort them out one by one. And, then move to the next step.

You can create a notebook and list down all the possible destinations, which fit within your budget and share it with your partner to finalize the one place where you would be headed after the marriage.

Booking your tickets
Step one — selecting the place where you would like to go for the honeymoon is done. Now comes the most important part i.e. booking tickets. So, how do you approach that? Go out in the market and start searching for the best deals? Go online and start to contact booking agencies? But, how to keep track which agency is offering the best deal? Can you compare all the options in your mind?
It is a good idea to make a record of all the information that various agencies are offering. Now when you are through with all the research, all the information is available at one place. So, you can easily compare and then decide from where to book your tickets, and which place is offering the best deal.

Packing your bags
Packing bags for the honeymoon trip. This can be a stressful affair. And, if you missed to put something important, then the whole trip can be a nightmare. So, 

Create a task list and jot down all the important things that you need to take along while going for the trip. Sit together with your partner and jot down everything. From the pair of pants to mobile charger and grooming products, everything you will need on your honeymoon should be on the list. Now, when you start to pack your luggage, just check each product and mark it as done. So, there will be no scope of missing out on any important stuff. Once you are done packing, just take a final look at the task-list to see if you have not missed out on anything.

Having fun!

All set! Excited about going on your honeymoon trip and have some fun? But, you need to know which are the sightseeing and fun places to be in the destination where you are headed. You might be able to access every tiny bit of information on the internet, but having everything sorted out and available at a single place is always the best idea. And, being a cloud based mobile app you can access it easily wherever you go, and check out the list of places you ought to see during your honeymoon.

Keeping your memories safe
So, the trip is over. You are back and have brought so many memories along with you. These memories worth cherishing forever, some of them intimate and some of them captured in photographs. You can store them in various online drives and scattered across multiple folders in your computer.You can store all your image files in it. The best part is that you can share these files with others as and when needed as well. In fact, if you have other files scattered across online storage options like Google Drive, DropBox, Box and OneDrive. It’s like a central place where you can find all your special moments captured in photographs.

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