Make Your Small Wedding Cake Looks Stand Out - Wedding cakes have been a part and parcel of all wedding occasions celebrated since many decades. Available in various designs and flavors, wedding cakes come in all sizes: Big, medium, or small-sized. You can also have them on the basis of weight: 1 kg, 2 kg, 3kg or 5 kg. Moreover, you can buy a cake with different tiers: 1, 2 or 3. Sometimes, wedding anniversary cakes are designed on the basis of its size as they are meant to serve few guests. A small wedding means a limited number of people taking part in a wedding event and all you need to have a wedding cake that you can easily serve to people to mark the occasion of a wedding after party. In Noida, there are many local cake shops that deal in the selling and supply of designer cake in Noida for giving a new meaning to your forthcoming wedding occasion.

When it comes getting something unique and bidding adieu to old and traditional cakes, all you need to try a few new flavors and designs that are an outcome of fanciful ideas. Flowers as edible décor options add more to your occasion and make the cake stand out.

Make Your Small Wedding Cake Looks Stand Out

  • Always take a simple cake wedding with edible flowers. You can also add some original flowers to décor the cake. With cakes delivery in Noida, you can have these cakes on your table.
  • Using herbs to decorate the sides of your cake will be a mind blowing idea to make your small cake look bigger in size.
  • If you have a cake artist in you, then you can also try a DIY naked cake made from grocery store cakes. Now, it is up to you how you make it look extraordinary.
  • Adding dried or candied fruit for a colorful cake topper will not only make the cake look perfect but also render a new meaning to it.
  • If you are planning to have a small cake, then call a limited number of people for the cake cutting ceremony so that the quantity of the cake can be adequately served to all invited people.
  • You also need to talk to your local online cake shop for having a customized cake. If it is pricy, you can opt for a 2-tier cake than a 3-tier cake to save some money.
  •  A combination of fruit and flowers is enough to steal your heart.
  • A photo cake carrying your image can be a great sensation.

a DIY naked cake 

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