Tips to Plan a Perfect Beach Wedding - Every bride will prepare for wedding day in the best possible way. To the end, many brides choose special venues, outdoor or indoor. A the popular one in special venues for wedding is beach, especially for the most girls. They imagine that beach venues will give a perfect phenomenon for their special day such as the breezy weather, fresh sea atmosphere, romantic sunset, relaxed affair, free flowing attire, bridesmaid decked up in pretty dresses looks like a dreamy wedding. In reality, it doesn't seems to be so perfect. To make a beach wedding as a perfect what you want, you need to consider a lot of things from permits to personal beliefs such as located on the beach requirement. Going an outdoor venue that happens to be open, you must read further to unveil what you should keep in mind.

Tips to Plan a Perfect Beach Wedding

Long tail dress or a short one
Let’s face it, a fairy gown belongs to a ballroom. For a location like a beach, you can go short and beautiful. The long tail dress will end up in getting messy with all the sands and water. Walking on the beach and taking pictures near the ocean won’t be easy at all. If a large dress is a must, keep the sands in mind. Moreover, ditch the heels for a comfortable walk. You don’t want to stumble when you walk down the carpet. Wedges are a good option as they don’t get inside the sand. If your height is well enough, then you can even look perfect in flats.

Consider the weather
Imagination is far from reality and for a successful wedding, weather should be consider, as you don’t want to get washed away by the ocean. Check the season of rain as they are not much appreciated in such occasions. And in Florida, well, be wary of hurricane season.

Location and permission
It is a daunting task to plan a beach wedding. First of all, choose the location. Consider public or private beach wedding whichever suits you the most. For private wedding, start searching for a place prior to your wedding date, so that you can arrange a wedding easily. However, take permission as beach rules vary by location. Check with the local government to see what are the regulation regarding events and gatherings.

Provide shade and seat
Seats and shades are your guest best friend. As the ceremony takes time, consider creating a canopy to cover the seating areas. You can choose some rustic bamboo poles and loosely drape some white fabric for an amazing decoration. You can even hire a party planner, who can decorate the wedding destination according to your preference.

Prepare your guests
You are prepared about the wedding but what about your guests? Make sure your guests know your event will take place on the sand. Mention your plans on the invitation and prepare them well as you don’t want your guests to feel annoyed at the end.

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