Zuhair Murad Wedding Dress Spring 2019

Weddinghousehold.com - To say that Zuhair Murad’s wedding dress collection was something out of a beautiful dream that encapsulated the whimsical beauty that one could only find in a secret garden somewhere in an unknown land untampered by anything would still not do justice to the beauty that was brought to life on the Runway.

The trend collection of Zuhair Murad wedding dress in spring 2019 draws heavy visible inspiration from nature seen in the heavy embroidered gowns the lace patterns mimicking vines and the belts leaves wrapping around the graceful models waists. The pastel colour palette created a dreamlike atmosphere giving a fairy tale wedding dress to the collection.

Though the inspiration that he drew upon is humble, the dresses are not. The incredibly pieces are not just breathtakingly gorgeous, they also evoke a sense of confidence and glamour that Murad is so well known for creating in his pieces.

In one seemingly effortless swoop he seems to have captured the many varying spirits of women. A soft and searingly feminine nature can be seen in the soft colours and draping of the Zuhair Murad wedding dress for spring 2019 as well as an unsuprising confidence in the daring pieces with lace covering just what needs to be covered.

The utilitarian-esque jackets that strutted down the runway added to the strength and power of the collection. The standout piece however was the bridal gown at the end of the show. Clearly, Zuhair Murad has no problem completely slaying his audience. The craftsmanship. The attention to detail. The sheer beauty of wedding dress. If you can’t hear wedding bells, there is something wrong.
Check out these collection of Zuhair Murad.

Zuhair Murad Wedding Dress Spring 2019

The wedding dress of Zuhair Murad always look flawless in the heavy embroidered gowns with the belts. The belt made ​​from similar materials of metal remind us of Roman elegance. This makes the impression of luxury but with a simpler design that resembles a leaf, making this dress looks softer. Color also make the dress looks even more flawless.

The collection has piƱa colada, gold, black, blush, khaki, aqua, nude, sonama, white, and lilac color that brings elegance combined combined with any hair color such as blonde, brunette-blonde, brunette, dark brown or black.

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