12 Ideas For Funny And Unexpected Wedding Cakes

Weddinghousehold.com - In near future, will you get married?. Maybe these ideas for funny wedding cakes can inspire what you want in celebrating your wedding day. A wedding day is the important moment in our live. It is reasonable that some people make their wedding day celebrate with special and invite many people to attend the special day. One of the wedding supplies is wedding cakes. These weddinghousehold.com shares 12 ideas for funny and unexpected wedding cakes.

For a seriously ‘meme’orable wedding.

For the gamers

2 wedding cakes with a bridge

For those worried about the sinkhole that is marriage.

For the women who reeled their man in.

For an athletic

For the couples who’ve decided to stop horsing around and settle down.

For those who are most excited about the cake-face smooshing.

For the men who are now tied down.

For the men who never win.

For the men who had trouble committing.

Do you like to do gym?

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