Maxie B's Wedding Cakes 2019

Maxie B's makes wedding cakes and cupcakes with the same fresh ingredients that you can see each day in shop and have grown to love. Maxie B's is a scratch kitchen using truly Southern recipes that has become a part of Greensboro.

Maxie B's welcomes you to schedule a Wedding Cake Consultation with Shannon Barbee (the Event Coordinator). This is offered by appointment throughout the week, and also on the weekend!  Maxie B's does limit the number of wedding cakes that it feels comfortable baking, decorating, and delivering.

Wedding Cake Consultation:

  • $150 (this fee does not apply towards the cost of the cake)
  • One-on-one session with Shannon to discuss size, price and design. 
  • Sampling of cakes of your choosing in shop
  • Typically takes two hours


Maxie B's helps you create custom-decorated cakes for special occasions. Maxie B's provides services starting Thursday - Sunday that Maxie B's likes to give when it comes to custom-decorated cake orders.  Hence, the best time to sit, chat and compile all of the details Maxie B's needs to create your special cake is Monday through Wednesday during the day (11am - 6pm).

If you are not able to visit us during that time, please send an email to either Shannon Barbee or Abby Nettesheim for them to correspond with you via phone and email.

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