Wedding Venue Insurance

Wedding Venue Insurance - Wedding insurance comparison tables are designed to help you to find the right wedding venue insurance policy for your special day. We feature some of the best known wedding venue insurance brands, with details such as premium, policy excess and the total cancellation cover for each cover level.

Cancellation Cover
£2.5k £19.44 £25 Visit Weddingplan >
WeddingPlan Bronze
£7k £26.29 £25 Visit Weddingplan >
WeddingPlan Silver
£10k £36.79 £25 Visit Weddingplan >
WeddingPlan Gold
£12.5k £47.32 £25 Visit Weddingplan >
WeddingPlan Diamond
£17k £57.84 £25 Visit Weddingplan >
WeddingPlan Diamond+
£10k £58.88 £50 Visit Debenhams >
Debenhams Gold
£10k £60 £50 Visit John Lewis >
John Lewis Level 1
£22k £73.62 £25 Visit Weddingplan >
WeddingPlan Platinum
£15k £78.51 £50 Visit Debenhams >
Debenhams Emerald
£15k £80.50 £50 Visit John Lewis >
John Lewis Level 2
£27k £89.40 £25 Visit Weddingplan>
WeddingPlan Platinum+
£25k £100.20 £50 Visit Debenhams >
Debenhams Platinum
£20k £101.50 £50 Visit John Lewis >
John Lewis Level 3
£32k £105.17 £25 Visit Weddingplan >
WeddingPlan Premier
£30k £150.50 £50 Visit John Lewis >
John Lewis Level 4
£35k £153.92 £50 Visit Debenhams >
Debenhams Ruby
£60k £205.58 £50 Visit Debenhams >
Debenhams Diamond
£65k £210.35 £25 Visit Weddingplan >
WeddingPlan Premier+
£50k £228.50 £50 Visit John Lewis >
John Lewis Level 5
£100k £300.50 £50 Visit John Lewis >
John Lewis Level 6

If you’re about to start planning your wedding and have decided to take out a wedding venue insurance policy, then you’ll naturally want to get the best policy for your needs.

Our easy to use comparison table will help you to compare the costs and features of a number of popular products, that you can buy online today. Click on any of the column headings to sort by features and benefits such as excess, cancellation cover limit, premium etc, and click on ‘buy now’ to go to the insurer and buy online.

Many consumers who compare wedding venue insurance do so based on price, but, while price is the focus of many things, it is not always the best indication of quality, and nor is it always the best way to find a bargain. You also have to look very carefully at the product and the service you are likely to receive.

Another reason why price isn’t always necessarily the true indicator of the best value for money option is that, when comparing wedding venue insurance, you have to realise that all service plans or policy covers are different. Some offer more than others.

It is therefore essential that you compare as many insurers as you possibly can, and there are a number of websites available for you to do exactly that. They will save you both time and money. Comparison tables enable you to compare at a glance what is on offer from a number of insurance providers – and you can then buy your policy online with the help of the listed companies, such as John Lewis, CoverMyWedding, Dreamsaver, Debenhams and WeddingPlan.

Bear in mind also that wedding venue insurance is broken down into two categories. The first category is made up of things that are within the control of the person who holds the policy. The second category is made up of things that are outside control of the person who holds the policy.

If you compare wedding venue insurance based on price you will probably get the impression that lower-priced wedding cover is be a better bargain than a higher price policy. However, any in-depth look at what each policy offers in terms of cover shows a difference in quality, and if you compare them you may find one cover is, in fact, a better bargain because it offers more value for the money it costs. Keep this in mind when making comparisons. Not all policies are what they seem.

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